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FEES are structured on per client basis, as everyone's needs are different. We will try to accommodate payment schedule to each client's satisfaction.

DEPOSIT - a deposit will be required prior to the start of any project. All payments can be made via PAYPAL, Money Order or Personal Check. All personal checks must clear before the project is started. THERE WILL BE A CONTRACT TO BE SIGNED.

• If you have a concept for your site, email me with your ideas so I have them in writing.
• If you see ideas you like, please direct me to examples.
• Text can be supplied via email; you are responsible for the editing of your text.
• Images (photos or graphics) provided by the client can be emailed to me as a .jpg format attachment. I will edit them appropriately for your website. THE CLIENT ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY IN REGARDS TO COPYRIGHT MATERIALS. There are many photo archives and clip art services available on the net, if I am not able to provide you with the material from my own library. The client has final approval on design. If you should require a graphic or image that is available on the net, you will be responsible for any purchases.
• If you are providing video clips, etc., we will discuss the best format.

WEBHOSTING/DOMAIN REGISTRATION: If you are interested in this service, please contact me for information.

phone: 570-992-7096 | email: info@divagraphicdesign.com